Consumers Financial Services has been helping people with income taxes in Thunder Bay for over 40 years.

Our Services Include

Personal Tax Preparation

We have been providing tax preparation services for individuals and small business owners for over 40 years. Consumer’s is known for our accuracy, reasonable rates and prompt service. All our returns are guaranteed and should your tax return be selected for post assessment review by the government, we will assist you in submitting the information requested.

Consumers Financial has a reputation for professional excellence through the high quality of services we perform for our clients. Our staff is available year-round to answer your questions and provide you with any assistance with your income tax returns.

We can assist with your tax filings and ensure you pay the minimum tax allowed. Free E-filing service direct to Revenue Canada is provided.

Business Tax Services

Have a small unincorporated business? Are you involved in a partnership? Are you self-employed? Are you a commission salesperson? Do you have a real estate rental? We are the experts you need and can assist with your tax filings ensuring you pay the minimum tax allowed.

Statement of Business & Professional Activities
Self-employed expenses
Allowable commission salesperson deductions
Meals and entertainment
Allowable motor vehicle expenses
Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) reporting
Statement of Real Estate Rentals
GST Returns
Corporate Returns

Book Keeping Services

Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Corporations

Our bookkeeping service is an affordable, accurate, and reliable service designed to help small to medium sized businesses with their bookkeeping needs. Our qualified bookkeepers will customize a bookkeeping solution around your requirements.

Accounts payable and receivable
Bank deposits
Payroll including T4 and ROE preparation
Cheque writing
Month end/year end reports
Cash-flow statements
Government remittances
GST Returns
Tax Returns

We provide book keeping services for sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations. Finding the appropriate solution for your book keeping needs is our primary goal.

US Tax Services

Gambling Tax, Real Estate, Capital Gains

Consumers Financial can help you recover the 30% withholding tax on gaming winnings in the US from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As an authorized Canadian Certifying Acceptance (CCA) agent for the IRS, we can assist you in obtaining a tax number (ITIN) required to file a US a tax return, in order to recover casino tax paid on your US gambling winnings.

Our Services Include:

US gambling tax refunds
US Capital Gains Reporting and Tax Recovery (i.e. property sales, etc.)
US Rental Reporting
US Royalty and Investment Income Refunds
Recovery of tax withheld from grants, prizes, and awards
Filing for new and renewing ITIN

Why Choose Us for your US Tax Services?

When choosing a company to recover a casino tax refund, many people base the decision entirely on price. Filing a casino tax recovery return is a lot more than just filling out forms and mailing them away to the IRS however – much more. The IRS is underfunded and makes many errors. Hard to believe, but from our experience at least 10% of filings encounter IRS glitches, with wait times getting longer by the day.

Leave the details to us while you enjoy your free time. Your refund will be obtained by our experienced team with over 25-years combined experience. We pride ourselves on our customer service and you can rest assured we will take all the time necessary to get your refund in your hands as soon as possible. We have been doing this for our clients since 2001, which is why our clients return to us year after year.

Please ask about the other US tax services we offer.

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